About Us.

sbo-iconStreet Beat Online is the #1 source of unbiased information and reviews of online drum education resources, including online drum instruction websites, drum-less backing tracks for play-a-long, drum equipment, and more.

Who We Are – Our Story

We are a team of drummers who have extensive knowledge on the subject of learning drums. We know what works, and most of all what doesn’t. We were inspired to create a resource to help others after seeing our friends and family – time after time – blow hundreds of dollars on training programs that just don’t work. We pooled together a list of resources we use and put them on this website to lead others down the path of enlightenment when it comes to teaching yourself the basics of drums, and advanced techniques as well.

Our Philosophy on Learning to Play Drums

Despite what training system you use, whether it be an in-person arrangement with a professional instructor, or one of the online lessons we recommend, absolutely nothing beats hours and hours of training. We are so serious about this. There is no method of teaching that will impart the hand coordination necessary for successful drumming! So as we tell our close friends, spend at least an hour a day just banging away at the drums. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Learn to keep beat with a metronome. Sit down, and play away at the beat of the metronome not only using your hands but with your feet on the bass pedal as well.

What you’re doing is ingraining solid timing in your subconscious mind. You’re a drummer now; despite what fancy fills or techniques you learn, nothing will be as valued and treasured within a band than a drummer who has good timing. Learn to tap to the beat within only a couple milliseconds – no room for error!

Start Small – you’re not going to shred a 3-minute drum solo on your first day. Accept that learning drumming takes time. It may be awhile until you play a beat that you personally would enjoy listening to. When you arrive at that moment when you play a sick beat improvised for your favorite track, you’ll feel the greatest overwhelming sense of euphoria – you did it! You took the time, spent the hours, disciplined your mind and body, and you overcame.

But that’s just the beginning. A solid drummer absolutely does not stop training. That’s what we feel separates the newbies from the professionals. Average drummers will get to the point where they’re good enough to join a band, and they’ll decrease their time spent training. Therefore, they plateau themselves at an ‘acceptable’ level of skill, never improving. Never stop improving. Never stop learning!

Imagine if this kid continues his training for the next 20 years, what he can become!

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