The Best Online Drum Lessons for Beginners.

Introduction to Online Drumming Lessons

Learning how to play drums is a lot easier these days because of the wide range of choices available, such as group lessons, one-on-one lessons, and do-it-yourself lessons. Of all these choices, active participation in online drum lessons is the most rewarding and beneficial.

About Drum Video Training Over the Internet

What are online drum lessons? These are formal lessons in the art of drums and drumming with a professional drummer at the helm and with videos as the main venue for instruction (i.e., classroom or music room). You watch these videos online from the comfort of your own home, classroom, office, or music room. There's nobody watching you, and we've found that private online lessons such as these help ease the tensions of nervous students. In many public music classrooms it can be a bit intimidating practicing your rhythm and technique in front of dozens of other students.

These online videos are designed for and offered to those who want to learn to play drums online for various reasons - desire for privacy while mastering beginner drum lessons, desire for music education at their own pace, and desire for reduced costs for quality education, among others. The students of these lessons usually utilize online technology for the entirety of their education from the enrollment to the video lessons and, finally, the graduation ceremony, if any.

The Many Benefits of Participating in Online Lessons

Why enroll in online drum lessons? Let's take a look at the answers from two perspectives, namely, the benefits of music education in general and the benefits of drum lessons and getting these lessons from a reputable online site (such as Drumeo) in particular.

Music education provides for personal and professional benefits that students acknowledge among themselves. These benefits apply whether the online drum lessons will be applied for recreational or for professional purposes because, like all forms of education, music education transcends boundaries.

Smarter brain. When you learn to play drums online, your brain becomes more alert, more active, and more engaged because active participation is a must for success in music education. Your memory will become sharper, too, which explains the popularity of streamed lessons even among mature adults. (Though even young children love them, too!)

Better character. Musicians are arguably the most disciplined professionals because mastery of any musical instrument requires passion, dedication, and determination, all of which are based on discipline. Children not only learn how to play drums but also learn how to set goals, how to keep at it, and how to control their frustrations and take pride in their accomplishments. The affordability of participating in online drum lessons for kids a healthy expenditure of energy at the drum kit without burning a hole in the parent's pocket! Worried about the noise? Electronic drum kits are extremely affordable, and used with headphones, they can provide a very realistic drumming experience and save the hesitant parents a headache from the clatter of traditional drums.

Better stress relief. Indeed, music can relieve stress with the drum perhaps one of the most versatile instruments for self-expression. Your video drum lessons will cover different types of music from soothing to energizing, which you can use in your own process of stress relief. Drumeo features courses covering a wide variety of drum patterns and styles, allowing you to express yourself in any way you wish. Whether it be jazz, rock, or heavy metal, there is an appropriate training video for you to watch.

Of course, online drum lessons are fun! You will find the lessons to be both entertaining and enlightening that, in turn, will provide the motivation to keep on drumming until you have mastered your beginner lessons. You can then set higher goals, say, the intermediate and advanced training provided by Drumeo instructors, the best online teachers available.

Playing the drums has its own fair share of unique benefits, too. Keep in mind that mastery of the drum requires excellent coordination between the hands, feet and eyes from reading the sheet music, if any, to making the music itself. Indeed, drumming may appear easy - just pound on the drums and let go - but it is a science and an art in itself. Nobody will pick up the drum sticks and master it overnight; it takes commitment to learning solid timing and rhythm, the backbone of drumming professionals.

Why Learn the Drums Online?

Why sign up for training online rather than one-on-one coaching sessions? There are plenty of benefits including:

Comfort and privacy. Because the curriculum is provided online, you can attend sessions in the comfort and privacy of your home - a benefit for persons who want to learn without the censure of others.

Learn at a personal pace. Most providers of online drum lessons usually allow their students to progress at their own pace - according to the lessons planned, or slower for better understanding, or faster for quicker progression.

Your progress is partly your responsibility since you have to put in the time, energy, and effort in how to play drums while your teacher will put in his counterpart time, energy and effort to meet you halfway in the learning process.

Reduced costs. No travel expenses, no incidental expenses, and no missed classes, which translates to better value for your money. Online teaching systems are also more affordable than their classroom-based counterparts partly because the instructor does not have overhead expenses. This allows the instructor to provide a lot more material and training for his or her students. These lessons are quite efficient and allow for the student to go at his or her own pace throughout the duration of the course.

You will spend for your own drum kit as well as accessories. Since these are your property during and after the drum lessons, think of these items as your worthy investments in your music career. The advantage to this is being able to play on your own set-up without having to transport your gear to and from a drumming studio. Think of it like driving your own car; it's something you're very familiar and comfortable with. I remember when I took drumming lessons at a studio, I would not be able to showcase my greatest skill because the drum set my instructor provided me was a lot different than the one I was used to at home. I feel this is a huge benefit to the student of an online course.

Choosing Your Online Instructors

Not all lessons are planned and provided equal to your needs and wants in music education. You must do your homework so as to get the best online drumming curriculum according to your level of skills, aspirations in music, and personal goals. Keep these tips in mind when looking for the best online drumming lessons. You'll get the best value for your money, too. With enough research, you may be able to locate free lessons to help you achieve your desired skill. For more advanced techniques and training, you may have to pay for your training.

• Ask for referrals and recommendations from your family and friends as well as amateur and professional drummers in your social circle. Their personal experiences with online instructors should be considered in making your own choice.

• Use the Internet for sites offering lessons in percussion. Browse each site for the number of sessions, the tuition costs, and the subjects covered, among other aspects, to determine its suitability for your needs and wants. Remember that affordability is not synonymous to quality and we suggest favoring the latter over the former for your own learning satisfaction. We highly recommend Drumeo for online training; it's simply the best out of all online options we've explored. The price is very affordable. The instructors are plentiful, covering a wide variety of skills and music genres. The support is absolutely wonderful - many questions will be answered very quickly! With many online drumming schools, there's a "skill cap" where the training starts to degrade in quality. Drumeo offers lessons even for the best of drummers to keep on improving in their musical career.

To supplement your training you might browse Youtube for drumming videos, which will go over techniques not addressed in the standard training videos. We haven't found a need for these, however, as Drumeo has provided every training method necessary to becoming a highly skilled drummer.

• Watch the for-free video drum lessons available on the sites. You can determine the teaching styles of the instructors from watching these videos.

Look for a relatable and flexible way of teaching wherein your instructor considers your skill level, learning style, and personal goals instead of strictly following a rigid curriculum. Basically, you want a good drummer who is also a good teacher with the ability to both clearly explain and ably demonstrate the beginner drum lessons all the way to the intermediate and advanced lessons.

Many sites offering online drum lessons provide interested persons/prospective students the opportunity to learn via a trial period. You should take advantage of it so as to further determine the site's suitability for your needs and wants, not to mention that you can pick up a few great drum tricks for free.

Drumming Online and Offline

Again, online drum lessons can only do so much when it comes to your mastery of the basics of drumming. You must practice, practice and practice some more in this regard - or keep drumming away online and offline to become master of your own brain, hands and feet when pounding away on the drum kit.

Becoming a successful drummer requires passion for perfection, which can take a lifetime to achieve. But the online drum lessons are certainly a great way to start on the path of music!

With the best online drumming lessons, you will be able to learn many drumming-related principles and practices including but not limited to the following aspects. Just be sure to check the curriculum for each drum program since the subjects covered will differ.

Basic Beats - These are usually included in free drum lessons for beginners with subjects like basic drumbeats, grooves, and drum patterns as well as drumfills. Rhythmic notations are also provided for easier reading of the music.

Basic Techniques - Technique is important in the mastery of the drumming basics with creativity coming in the heels of mastery. Online drum lessons for beginners to intermediate students focus on eye-hand coordination, note reading, and drum tuning, to name a few technique-related lessons.

Brushes - Grip, feathering, and filling with brushes are just a few of the tricks that beginners will learn within a few sessions. You can watch videos of brush masters like Steve Smith and Clayton Cameron for examples.

Drumfills - Beginner drumfills, advanced drumfills, 2-beat fills, and 4-beat fills are just a few of the percussion skills learned on the video drum lessons. You will be able to make your own drumfills for rock, funk, and jazz, among other music genres, after a few sessions.

Cymbals - Learn handheld and suspended cymbal techniques for use in drum sets, marching bands, and orchestral applications in online drum lessons, too.

If so desired, you can advance to the advanced training where complicated techniques like backwards drumbeats, one-handed triplet, and advanced double bass drumming are taught. Just think of the music that you can create with every trick and technique you learn with almost every session!

But that's not all! Why confine yourself to the drumming techniques when you can learn the drumming styles for a wide range of musical genres? Ask your online teacher about styles for Afro-Cuban beats, jazz, rock, pop, blues, and country, among others, which can also be covered in special video training.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in online drum lessons now and enjoy your own brand of music on your drum set soon enough!

Article by Sean Daily

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