Backing Tracks for Drummers.

Play Along with Your Favorite Tunes Using Drumless Tracks

225-drumless-tracks-downloadA drumless backing track (aka. "play-along drum track") is a special version of a song (usually a well-known/popular song) - which has only the drum tracked stripped out of it. This is perhaps one of the best ways to learn to play drums to popular songs, since it allows you to listen to these songs for drummers and play along while hearing only your own drum playing and not that of the original artist. This would be more of an advanced to intermediate activity, because new players should probably be working on more rudimentary exercises and getting their basic timing and skills down before attempting to play along to Rush's YYZ (rest assured that eventually, all rock drummers tend to seek that song out due to Neil Peart's legendary status ;-)).

drumless backing tracks - sheet music for drumming

Remember, the progression of a song is driven by the drum beat. Without a solid drummer, most bands would fail to play on beat! While the guitar player or vocalist usually gets most of the attention in a band, it's the drummer and the bassist (aka, the rhythm section) that deserve all the credit for keeping the band tied together. The drummer is essentially part of the glue that forms a band's foundation. This is also a reason as a drummer you'll want to strive for perfect meter, or as close as you can get.. because your bandmates are relying on you!

These backing tracks can be found online, usually for a price. At Street Beat Online we're constantly looking for the best resources for free backing drum tracks that you can download and play along to. They are perfect supplementary learning while you learn to play the drums online.

Where to Find Drumless Backing Tracks for Practice

Here are a few of the sites we've found that offer true drumless (vs. drum 'suppressed') backing tracks. specializes in Drum Play Along and Drumless Tracks. It is also the home of the original music minus drums series, Turn It Up & Lay It Down. Their popular series of high quality inspirational and educational drum play-along tracks are designed to help drummers of all skill levels master all styles of music and drumming. The site offers numerous compilations (downloadable and DVD-based) of drumless tracks to choose from; however, you cannot current download just a single track/song.

Stay tuned as we compile additional resources for drum backing tracks... and until then, keep on drumming!

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